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Los Amigos Landscape owner Miguel Morales has been active in construction business for over 30 years in Napa Valley, and has formed one of the best home improvement companies’ team based in excellence and honesty, everything for the customer’s entire satisfaction and the word-of-mouth recommendation.

They’re proud to offer interlocking pavers installation, cinder block installation, flagstone installation, veneer installation, and custom stonework installation including: pillars, waterfalls, stone flooring, stone mail boxes, stonewalls, retaining stonewalls, stone chimneys, outdoors kitchen & BBQ areas, bocce ball courtsfirepits, slate stone, etc.

Plus, they offer patio designs and custom ideas for a new look on your old backyard, front yard, sidewalks, walkways, etc.


This blog will help you clarify ideas on what type of job, materials, and designs could look best for your project, just like Miguel Morales tells us:

“Sometimes, people decide they want to do a flagstone job on the driveway, and even though flagstone is one of our favorite jobs to perform, the materials are very expensive if you don’t get them on special prices, and they don’t know the tires from your car could damage the colors on the flagstone. When people find out about this, they usually go from flagstone to pavers or concrete.”


If you wish to talk about a project, go ahead right to the contact page for information. You can make an appointment with Miguel Morales, and he will be happy to sit down with you and discuss ideas for your personal project!

You will get a free estimate with your appointment!


Los Amigos Landscape work is based in honesty, great customer service, and most of all, high quality. As previously said, they deliver a project based on your ideas, but if you’re not sure of what you really want, they offer different options, ideas and designs for you to choose from, at no extra charge.


The goal of Los Amigos Landscape is to offer you the highest quality masonry jobs within your budget, so you’re going to have different options to choose from based on that budget. They’re happy to work under TM (Time and Materials) until a license process is finished, so don’t hesitate to contact them by giving them a call, or contact them via e-mail!


Los Amigos Landscape business thrives offering you the best of the best in your construction or landscape project!!


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