20 Tools You Need to Install Pavers

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote something for this blog, but we’re getting busy thanks to it, and I’m happy to be helpful to many people thanks to this blog.

Sometimes, I have people asking me if it’s difficult to install the pavers themselves, my answer is always the same: “It’s easy when you have several years in the business, otherwise it could be a very tricky process.”

It’s very understandable that homeowners of these days want to make renovations and save as much money as possible in the process. So, sometimes they decide to take the risk of installing pavers on their own, and it’s okay.

I get asked this question a lot: “What tools do I need to install pavers?” So, I decided to give you a list of the tools needed to install pavers:

* For layout design you need:
Used to mark relevant measures.

String Line
Used to mark heights and outlines.

Used to check grades, and make sure that concrete pavers are leveled once installed.

Used to mark measures to install pavers.

Tape Measure
Use to find depth, length and width when necessary.

Brass Hammer
You’re gonna need it to place stakes and sometimes to get rid of things on your way.

Long Tape Measure
Perfect to outline the overall project in length.

PVC Pipes (optional)
Used to mark curves.

Pipe Cutter (optional)
For obvious reasons if you need PVC pipes.

* To prepare the ground for pavers installation you need:
If you’re not used to installing pavers, they can crack your fingers. Using gloves is a good idea.

You’re possibly going to need flat and pointed shovels to dig out, flatten or fill your soil, or to add sand and gravel to the ground.

Tamping Machine/Compactor
Necessary when compacting gravel (if you need it), and/or sand.

This tool is necessary to carry dirt, gravel, sand and pavers.

Used to break anything solid that could be in your way before you install pavers.

Rock Hammer
Used to cut pavers, or for other details that can come up your way.

Water Hose
Used to wet gravel, sand and compact it before you install pavers.

Safety Glasses
It’s better for safety purposes.

* To start installing Pavers:
Rubber Mallet
Necessary to install pavers one by one.

Knee Pads
When you’re not used to installing pavers they’re a must have to protect your knees.

Tape Measure
Use to find depth, length and width when necessary.

Used to check grades, and make sure that concrete pavers are leveled once installed.

String Line
Used to mark heights and outlines.

Used to mark relevant measures and outline your paver installation spots.

Pavers Cutter (Tile Saw)
This machine is a must have because you always need to cut pavers.

* When you’re done with the paver installation:
Used to clean up your pavers once installed and fill the joints.

Water Hose
Also used for clean up and fill the joints.

Sprayer (optional)
Used only when you want to add a coat of pavers sealer.



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