3 Reasons Pavers Are A Better Option For Your Project (Part 1)

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It’s been a while since I last wrote for our blog. Today I’m ready to offer you more help when it comes to pavers installation, (we can later talk about stonework installation, concrete pouring, asphalt jobs, etc.). That been said, I’m going to explain today why pavers are a better option for your construction project. If you still doubt that pavers are a better option for your project, I’ll try to clear those doubts.

One of the most common questions I get when some potential client is hesitant on the type of material to get for his/her current project is: concrete pavers are a better option for my project?”


Los Amigos Landscape Logo - Napa Valley California - Landing Pages1“If you want to install pavers, or need brick or stone work layers in Northern California give us a call. Remember that we’re also available for your flagstone, retaining walls, and masonry needs. 


A lot of people finds it difficult to choose pavers over stonework flooring, flagstone installation, concrete pouring, or asphalt installation, and they shouldn’t be. Here are some reasons on why pavers are a better option for installation depending on your construction project.

1- Pavers don’t crack (most of the time):
One big advantage of installing pavers in your patio, driveway, sidewalk, or backyard, is the fact that pavers (depending on the material) pretty much never crack. Contrary to asphalt and stamped concrete installation, pavers don’t crack 99.8% of the time.

Sometimes you get a rotten paver after many years, and it cracks. Also, sometimes somebody drops a heavy item on accident over the pavers damaging a couple. That’s not a big issue with concrete pavers installation, ’cause you only have to repair the broken pavers with new ones, and forget about replacing a big patch of project, or if that patch will be noticeable. This is a great reason that shows why pavers are a better option.

2- Pavers don’t require a lot of maintenance:
If you want to leave your project alone once the pavers are installed, you can do it. Pavers don’t require maintenance with the exception of spraying from time to time herbicide in case you don’t want weeds coming out on your paver joints. Other type of maintenance that is also completely optional is to spray the installed pavers with sealer instead of spraying herbicide. Another great reason why pavers are a better option.

3- Pavers are pretty much always the cheapest option (depending on the material):
Another reason on why pavers are a better option is that most of the times the cost of asphalt is very high, concrete installation is a high cost project too, and let’s not talk about stamped concrete installation, or flagstone installation (at least in Napa Valley). All those are pricey options when compared to pavers installation prices. Sometimes we can get you material for sale, and the costs are even cheaper!!

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