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Backyard Fire Pit – A Fire Pit Made from Pavers

Not a Fire Pit Made from Los Amigos Landscaping

Backyard Fire Pit You probably thought that pavers are only good for the ground, and you couldn’t be more wrong. Concrete pavers are a very versatile material and they are helpful to build anything from flooring to a mailbox, yeah, a mailbox. In the case of this article, I’m going to talk about a fire […]

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McNear Pavers – Most Popular Pavers for Los Amigos

McNear Pavers Installation - Napa pavers - Driveway CA

McNear Pavers Information McNear Brick & Block is the most popular paver manufacturer for Los Amigos Landscaping. We have installed McNear pavers in a lot of places around Napa Valley, and Northern California. McNear pavers are very popular because of their beautiful designs, and their colorful pigmentation.   “If you want to install pavers, or […]

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Castlelite Pavers – A New Discovery from Los Amigos

Castlelite Pavers Information In all honesty, I’m not familiar with the designs from Castlelite Pavers. I was just browsing online when I found the information on this paver manufacturer from Northern California. Even though these paver manufacturers also offer pavers installation in the Bay Area, they’re out of the area in which Los Amigos Landscaping […]

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Pavestone Pavers – The Designs from the Pavestone Company

Pavestone Pavers are probably the second most popular pavers for projects made by my company Los Amigos Landscaping. Pavestone pavers prices are very accesible, and sometimes we even find great sale prices on their designs, so that makes even a better deal for our costumers.   Installing Pavestone pavers is nothing difficult to do, and […]

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Calstone Pavers – Simple Yet Elegant Designs

Calstone Pavers - Calstone Company

Calstone pavers from the Calstone Company is one of the most recognized companies in Northern, California, more especifically the Bay Area. For Los Amigos Landscaping (our company) is the third more popular paver manufacturer when it comes to pavers installation for us. Our customers prefer Calstone pavers because of their colors, and simple designs.Their materials […]

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Belgard Pavers – Original Designs For Your Construction

Belgard Pavers Information One of the most popular Belgard Products are┬áthe Belgard Pavers. There are different designs of these pavers, and they’re available in Northern California for your construction projects. Belgard pavers aren’t as popular as other brands in the Bay Area, but they offer very high quality, great prices for the quality they offer, […]

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Basalite Pavers – One of Many Basalite Concrete Products!

Basalite Pavers - Basalite Concrete Products

Basalite Pavers Information Even if you’re not familiar with construction, you’ve probably heard about Basalite Concrete Products at least once in your life. Basalite is one of the most important companies that offer concrete products, and they couldn’t pass a great opportunity like selling their own Basalite Interlocking Pavers.   “If you want to install […]

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