Backyard Fire Pit – A Fire Pit Made from Pavers

Not a Fire Pit Made from Los Amigos Landscaping

Backyard Fire Pit

You probably thought that pavers are only good for the ground, and you couldn’t be more wrong. Concrete pavers are a very versatile material and they are helpful to build anything from flooring to a mailbox, yeah, a mailbox. In the case of this article, I’m going to talk about a fire pit made from pavers.


It’s possible to build a backyard fire pit from pavers, but of course some other materials are also going to be needed to build this. A fire pit is mostly used to add beauty to your backyard design, but some people actually get to use it and it’s great to warm up your backyard in cold winters, also is great to warm up your feet while you spend some time relaxing in your backyard.



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I personally know about some people that add a removable grill to the firepit from time to time, and end up grilling food using the pavers firepit, that’s optional though. Building a backyard fire pit is not an easy task if you don’t have the right materials.


Depending on the design of your pavers fire pit, you can pick up pavers for a round, or a square design. However, you don’t have to make only these forms (round and square fire pits) you can also make forms like “half moon” or maybe a fire pit with 5 corners, 6 corners, 8 corners, etc. The form of your backyard fire pit depends on the design of your backyard and house.


To build a fire pit you’re going to need a strong mortar mix, plus sand, color mix for the joins if you don’t want plain mortar, and of course the most important part to build a fire pit made from pavers: volcanic stone.


Volcanic stone is a key material to have because if you want to build a backyard fire pit and put it to work, you need the volcanic stone to resist the high temperatures of your fire pit.


In Los Amigos Landscaping can help you build a backyard fire pit with pavers, stone, or just concrete, that’s up to you, and it’s also depending on your project. Some designs and backyard fire pits look better with certain type of material. If your backyard flooring is from pavers, you may want a fire pit built with pavers instead of a fire pit built with concrete.


A great design for a backyard fire pit could be a wall circle made from pavers with a little entrance so you can sit on the “paver benches” built in the inside of the wall circle, also the fire pit in the middle of the design; you could also have a fire pit with some benches and a table made from pavers for a romantic night in your back yard.


Los Amigos Landscaping can help you find out the perfect design for your backyard fire pit project, at the best price possible for Northern California. Just give us a call and we can help you build a fire pit. If you have more questions about pavers, make sure to check out our website


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