In Ground Fire Pit – The Most Affordable Design of Firepits!

In-ground fire pit - Featured

I’m not going to spend time explaining step by step how to build an in ground fire pit, I’m pretty sure there are lots of sites telling you that information. Instead, I’m going to talk to you about the possibilities that you have when you’re looking to have an in ground fire pit built in your backyard.

As my title suggests, an in ground fire pit is the most affordable design when it comes to fire pits, mostly because there’s no need for a fancy ring finish (everything is buried), and it’s quicker to build compared to other fire pit designs.


Pavers backyard and in-ground fire pit
In case you don’t have a pavers, or flagstone patio to go with your inground fire pit, we always make sure to build it with no fire hazzard problems. However, if you decided to build a flagstone patio, or pavers patio, it’s best to talk about the idea for an in ground fire pit when your patio project hasn’t even started. That way, all the precautions can be taken right from the start.


Los Amigos Landscape Logo - Napa Valley California - Landing Pages1“If you want to install pavers, or need brick or stone work layers in Northern California give us a call. Remember that we’re also available for your flagstone, retaining walls, travertine, and masonry needs.

In Ground Fire Pit Built with Pavers

If you want to build an in ground fire pit in the plain ground, it’s always a good idea to clean up neatly the surrounding area, add gravel to the bottom of the pit hole and build from there with the material of your choice: stone, bricks, pavers, blocks, steel ring, etc.

Gas In-Ground Fire Pit With Pavers Floor
If you feel that you prefer somebody experienced to build the in ground firepit for you, you can always contact us, especially if you’re going to build a gas in-ground fire pit. There are always accesories to add when building an in-ground fire pit, like the fire pit ring that I talked about, maybe a fire pit cap.

I hope this article was really helpful. Make sure to come back for more information and please, feel free to share this article with your friends!

If you want to install pavers, stone, or an in ground fire pit in Northern California give us a call. Remember that we’re also available for all your masonry needs!

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alan horwitz - October 13, 2014 Reply

I live in Baltimore, Maryland. Do you know anyone who could install an in ground gas fire pit for me. Thank you

    Miguel Morales - November 24, 2014 Reply

    Hi Alan, sorry for the late reply, and sorry for the answer too, but I don’t know anybody in your area who could help you with that! I wish you good luck!

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