Where Can You Install Pavers in Your House?

There are several places where you can install pavers in your house. If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to paver installation, you may still be in for a surprise. The most common places to install pavers are the front yards and the backyards, as well as driveways, but there are other less common places in which we have installed pavers too like an outdoor oven!


Los Amigos Landscape Logo - Napa Valley California - Landing Pages1“If you want to install pavers, or need brick or stone work layers in Northern California give us a call. Remember that we’re also available for your flagstone, retaining walls, travertine, and masonry needs.


I think that so far, we already checked all the places where you can install pavers in your house, but just in case you missed some of the blog entries I wrote for you before, I can write a resume of all the places where you can install pavers in your house right now.


* Backyard:
This is probably the most common type of paver installation we do in Northern California. Most of the time it takes little time to complete if the area is nice and clean, and there aren’t a lot of pipes, or stuff to remove before installation.

* Front Yard:
The second most common type of installation we do. It doesn’t require a lot of time as long as everything is ready to go, and there’s no stuff to remove, or extra stuff to install.

* Driveway
People asks us for driveways a lot, but not a lot of people trust pavers for their driveway. They think pavers can get damaged in time, and that’s not true at all. You can even have a large vehicle drive on your pavers and they won’t get any damage at all. It’s the third most common type of work we do.

* Paver Pathways or Sidewalks:
Our costumers love pathways and sidewalks made out of pavers, especially if they’re designed in curves.

* Paver Walls:
These are not so popular to be honest. Usually, people don’t think these walls are resistant, but they are, and they look great, and very original once finished.

* Paver Fire Pit:
There’s not a lot of need for firepits in Northern California, but we had build our share of pavers firepits, especially in Sonoma County.

* Pool Deck Pavers:
Pool deck pavers are more popular in Napa Valley. They look great around your swimming pool.

* Paver Steps:
Lately, paver steps are becoming more popular. There’s still more people looking to build stone steps, but paver steps are definitely rising in popularity in Northern California.

* Indoor Pavers:
We had installed pavers indoors, but they’re usually for parking garages. People is still reluctant about installing pavers instead of tiles for their kitchens, bathrooms, etc. However, indoor pavers look great!

* Paver Outdoor BBQ, Ovens and Sinks:
These three items are not as popular in Norther California, even though they look great. We have some pictures of paver outdoor BBQ and ovens, but people prefer them build in stone, not pavers.

If you want to take a look at some of the pictures we have of projects built with second hand pavers, give us a call and I can stop by and show you the pictures and give you a free estimate!!

You can also visit the “About Los Amigos Landscaping” tab in this blog, or check the “Contact us” tab in this blog, it doesn’t matter the type of pavers you want to install, we’re here to help you.

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We can help you to decide what type of job or material is the best for your personal project, and before you take your final decision we will be happy to help you get a much better price with our contacts. Thanks for reading us!

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