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Do you want to improve the value and looks of your home (or business) without spending a lot? Are you looking for an affordable, high quality, installation of pavers, or stonework? Are you looking for help with a masonry project?  We can help!!

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“Los Amigos Landscape is a small construction company located in Northern California, and we specialize in custom stone work, and pavers installation, but we can do any type of masonry work in general. We offer the best and most competitive prices, very high quality jobs, a friendly costumer service, and your complete satisfaction.”

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Miguel Morales - Los Amigos Landscape owner

Miguel Morales – Los Amigos Landscape Owner

Miguel Morales is the owner of Los Amigos Landscape, and he’s been in the construction business for many years before he started his own business. He can help you figure out a great design for your project, the right materials for your place (in case you’re still unsure), and he’s going to be in charge of your project from beginning to end!


Here are the highlights of his history in the construction business:


Worked in Morsa Concrete Company                            (Jalisco, Mexico) 1978-1979
Worked as Welder Steel Designer                                (Jalisco, Mexico) 1979-1980
Worked for Calistoga City Inspector/Cristian Cerda         Calistoga, CA. 1985-1986
Worked for Grimsley Construction*                                Northern, CA. 1985-1989
Worked for Norcal Asphalt**                                          Napa, Valley 1990-1993
Accident recovery 1993-1997
Los Amigos Landscape                                                Northern, CA 1997 – Present

* Starting working as a trusted labor employee and became general manager for a group of people.
** Started as asphalt finisher and became general manager for a group of people, but had to retire for a while due to an accident.