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Indoor Pavers Installation in Napa Valley, California

Indoor pavers installation is possible! I have noticed there’s a lot of people that is not aware pavers are not only for outdoors projects, you can also install pavers indoors! That’s right, you can install pavers in your kitchen, in your living room, bedrooms, or bathrooms, you name it, we can install pavers there! Indoor […]

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Los Amigos Landscape – Why Do We Need to See Your Job For Your Free Estimate?

I decided to get some free time to write a little bit more about my company: Los Amigos Landscape. I’ve been receiving some phone calls from people looking to find out more about our services: interlocking pavers installation, natural or manufactured stone work, stone pillars, steps, walls, retaining walls, concrete, etc. These people saw our […]

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Paver Walls And Paver Retaining Walls

Paver Retaining Walls There is not a lot of demand for paver retaining walls or paver walls, and I have to say “they work great”. I’ve been in the construction business for over two decades and I’m used to work with any type of stone when it comes to build retaining walls and your every […]

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Paver Steps – Building Steps from Zero or Veneer Existing Steps?

Over the years I’ve noticed that a lot of people didn’t know it’s possible to build steps with pavers in their construction project, they were really excited when they find out it’s possible to build steps with concrete pavers. You may be wondering, what’s so exciting about making steps from concrete pavers? Well, building paver […]

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Pool Deck Pavers – Are Pavers Around A Pool A Good Idea?

Pool Pavers Installation

Pool deck pavers are a great product for pool coping, or in other words, pavers are great option for a pool deck! Besides the beautiful designs they offer you a safe environment and avoid slips even if you’re walking or running bare feet around the wet pool area. It’s always great to check the best […]

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