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Even if you’re not familiar with construction, you’ve probably heard about Basalite Concrete Products at least once in your life. Basalite is one of the most important companies that offer concrete products, and they couldn’t pass a great opportunity like selling their own Basalite Interlocking Pavers.


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Basalite Pavers aren’t very popular in Norther California, or at least not in my own experience. People usually go for local paver manufacturers, but that doesn’t mean Basalite pavers are bad. I think Basalite pavers have a lot of quality and nice paver colors and designs. Here I’m going to show you the designs, and some of the colors offered by Basalite pavers.

Basalite Pavers – Artisan Slate
The Artisan Slate offers a very simple design with a couple of nice colors that are going to make your patio, driveway, walkway, steps, or walls look much better.

It offers easy Installation, Natural Colors, and Subtle Texture.

Colors: Sienna, Positano.

Basalite Pavers – Artisan Premier
Artisan Slate Premier Series pavers feature subtle textures that provide the look of real stone combined with the strength and durability of an interlocking paving stone.
Positano, Venice.

Basalite Pavers – San Francisco Cobblestone
San Francisco Cobblestone presents the ideal choice for those who desire surroundings that combine elegance with a comfortably rustic environment. These pavers offer the traditional look and feel of centuries-old Roman cobbled block.
Colors: Carmel Blend, Lampblack, Mendocino, Milan, Naples, Pacifica Blend, Positano, Venice, Marin.

Basalite Pavers – Mission
For a more traditional approach to landscape design try Basalite Mission Pavers. Its simple, rectangular brick-like 4″ x 8″ shape has been used for many years in a wide variety of settings. Even with its simple rectangular shape, Mission pavers can be arranged in several appealing patterns; such as herringbone, basketweave, and runningbond.
Colors: Carmel, Lampblack, Mendocino, Pacifica. Sandalwood.

Basalite Pavers – Cityscape Series

Colors: Napa, Auburn, Truckee, Tahoe City, Chico, Woodbridge, Emerald Bay, Granite Bay, Mt. Shasta, Yosemite, St. Helena, Sacramento.

Basalite Pavers – Classic
Classic unique “L” shaped design gives this paver the ultimate in locking strength. They’re capable of sustaining enormous loads due to the two axis upon which the concentrated loads are placed.

These properties make this paver ideal for mechanical installation, which allows for economical paving of large areas.
Colors: Carmel, Mendocino, Pacifica.

Basalite Pavers – Universal
Extremely strong with the famous interlocking shape, Universal is well-suited to not only residential projects, but also trafficked and industrial applications. Universal has earned a reputation for durability, strength, and versatility. Although often used for heavy-duty applications, Universal is equally attractive in commercial, municipal, and residential settings.

Colors: Carmel, Mendocino, Pacifica.

Basalite Pavers – Arrowhead + Eurostone
 The Arrowhead consists of two geometric concrete pave stones that together convey a vast array of design possibilities. The two shapes modulate together to form a beautiful kaleidoscope of pattern options. Impressionistic designs are further enhanced when contrasting colors are used.

Colors: Lampblack, Sandalwood, Chili Pepper Red.

Basalite Pavers – Spectrum
Spectrum remains one of the popular pavers for residential projects. The durable and virtually maintenance free surface is ideal for patios, pool decks, garden paths and walkways.

Colors: Carmel, Mendocino, Pacifica.

Basalite Pavers – Italian Renaissance
Basalite has created a line of interlocking paving stones that will transport you to the Italian Renaissance era. This Collection recreates the textured surface and hand-cobbled appearance of stone slab roads once naturally antiqued by carriage wheels and horses’ hoofs; plazas and courtyards timeworn by generations of footsteps.
Colors: Milan, Naples, Positano, Sienna, Venice.

Basalite Pavers – Country Cobble
Country Cobble’s square and rectangle styles are crafted in organic hues that may be custom blended at the time of installation. Country Cobble is an ideal paver choice for both new and retrofit residences; its durability ensures low maintenance.
Colors: Charcoal Gray, Milan, Naples, Positano, Sienna, Tan Charcoal, Terracotta Charcoalh, Venice, Cottage Blend.

Basalite Pavers – Bullnose
Bullnose pavers incorporate a smooth rounded decorative edge and add an elegant finish to any landscaping project. The versatile Bullnose paver provides an attractive round edge that makes them perfect for applications such as stair treads, pool coping or for bordering a raised patio. Bullnose pavers are also available in a tumbled finish.

Colors: Milan, Naples, Positano, Sienna, Venice.

Basalite Pavers – SF Rima

SF-RIMA is ideal for projects where the return of storm water into the underlying soil is recommended for environmental purposes and construction local regulations.

Colors: Custom Colors Available, Tan Charcoal, Tumbled Tan Charcoal.

Basalite Pavers – Permeable Cobblestone

Sustainable development has evolved as a response and ethos to encourage conservation. Permeable pavement is the perfect companion to any environmentally-sensitive or green building project.

Colors: Positano.

Basalite Pavers – Turfstone
Special for areas requiring a “supported turf”. It’s “filigree” design makes it an attractive and permanent solution for emergency access areas, embankments, spillways, and environmentally sensitive parking areas. Turfstone™ has the option of being filled with grass or aggregates depending on the project’s drainage requirements. Colors: Gray.


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