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One of the most popular Belgard Products are the Belgard Pavers. There are different designs of these pavers, and they’re available in Northern California for your construction projects. Belgard pavers aren’t as popular as other brands in the Bay Area, but they offer very high quality, great prices for the quality they offer, and colors that are going to get the attention of your neighbors and friends.


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I’m going to show you 10 Belgard pavers designs available for your construction project. There are not a lot of colors available in their website to show you, but I know they have different options when it come to colors. If you want to watch Belgard pavers samples, you can always give me a call, and I could get samples of Belgard pavers for your installation project.

Arbel Stone® – The Look of Natural Flagstone
Arbel® masterfully captures the elegant appearance of natural stone. Available in a range of earthen color blends, it features an irregular base shape, with the expansive range of unique textures and patterns that mimic natural flagstone. All of these elements combine beautifully for a soft, natural appearance that will please your eyes and impress your guests for many years to come.

Urbana Stone® – Natural Appearance of Clean Cut Stone
The Urbana® Collection’s fine chiseled textures and contours combine with its random shapes and patterns to recall vintage cut stone. It is offered in a versatile three-piece modular system with an optional large square that adds a broader range of shapes and an even grander scale.

Mega Lafitt® Collection
Mega Lafitt features the most natural-looking texture available in a modular paver. Combined with its larger proportions, Mega Lafitt’s look and feel create the desired appearance of cut flagstone, yet with the strength and long-term durability homeowners expect from Belgard. Its modular shapes allow for ample design flexibility, and with an 80mm height, installation is a breeze.
Old World Stone
Old Word features the most natural-looking texture available in a modular paver. Combined with its larger proportions, Old Word Stone has the strength and long-term durability homeowners expect from Belgard pavers. Its modular shapes allow for ample design flexibility, and with an 80mm height, installation is a breeze.

Subterra Stone – Belgard Environmental Series
Subterra Stone brings the most attractive, natural looking permeable paver to the market. With its false joint structure, Subterra Stone offers the elegant look of natural chiseled stone, yet it is easy to install. Subterra Stone is ideal for homeowners who want environmental stewardship without compromising beauty and style.

Dublin Cobble Modular Pavers

The legendary charm, strength, and nobility of Ireland can be found in Dublin Cobble. Created with Belgard’s patented “antiquing” technology, Dublin Cobble provides and earthy, natural stone appearance that complements any setting – from rustic to traditional and contemporary.

Bergerac Paver Shapes

Bergerac’s finely knobbled surface, irregular shapes and rich granite-like texture all hark back to those ancient paving stones. Bergerac paving stones come in five delicately shaded colors designed to blend in natural harmony with those of Dublin Cobble paving stone and Celtik retaining walls.
Mega Bergerac Paver Shapes
Mega-Bergerac emulates the European rustic look but in a larger more robust fashion. The grander stones match the feel of natural stone products like granite and bluestone. With finely knobbled surface, irregular shapes and rich granite-like textures, Mega-Bergerac is the choice for the building the finest driveways, patios and pool decks.

Cambridge Cobble Tumbled Paver Shapes
The tumbled “antique” version of the Cambridge Cobble Brings All the Best of European Design to Your Front Yard. Combining rich, earth tone colors with textured surfaces creates an authentic “old world” appearance. Available in rectangular and square styles for pattern flexibility, Cambridge Cobble gives you the freedom to make your home … your castle.

Holland Stone Paver Shapes
Sometimes the most elegant ideas are also the most simple. Introducing Holland Stone, Belgard’s solution to finding a refined, yet versatile paver. Because of its classic, rectangular shape, you can create numerous interesting architectural designs that remain as stylish and attractive through the years as the day they were installed.

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