Which is Better a Chimenea or A Fire Pit?

Fire Pit vs Chimenea - Which is better

When I’m building a stone wall, laying driveway pavers, building a travertine patio, or doing any other masonry job, some of my costumers feel the confidence to ask me the difference between fire pits and chimeneas, and which one is better for them. Since I’m not the guy who’s going to try to sell them a service right away, I always give them the ups and downs of everything.


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You may be wondering: Why doesn’t he try to sell them something right away if they’re asking for the information? Well, it’s because I want people to recommend our job to their friends, and if I sell them something that’s not going to work in their place, they’re going to complain about us, and I don’t like that. I’m proud to always be honest and clear about my job. If you have hired us, you’ll know that’s true.


Difference between fire pits and chimeneas:
They were pretty much designed for the same purpose: warm up your backyard (or front yard) during cold months.

A chimenea is pretty much a pot belly stove to contain fire, and it has the shape of a funnel. You burn a fire in a bowl that’s usually 24 inches or so in diameter, so you can’t burn large fires. The chimenea is very ornamental and it’s perfect for very small backyards.

Obviously, the visibility of the smoke and fire is very, very limited. The smoke blows up in the end of the funnel, but your patio won’t get smoky. Also, the chimenea will retaing more heat, but won’t warm up your patio as much as a fire pit.

As I said before, a chimenea will work better for you if you have very limited space in your patio.

Concrete Fire pit - Sebastopol California
The fire pit on the other hand, is a structure opened at the top, and you can burn large fires and gather people around it. The fire won’t have any visibility limitations and your patio will get warmer. You can find fire pits in different shapes and sizes, plus you can even find very fancy fire pit tables!

Fire Safety:
Obviously, when it comes to fire safety chimeneas are the top winner. Since the fire is contained, you don’t have to worry about sparks flying into the air and causing a fire, and that’s a problem you could experience with a firepit if you don’t have a knowledgeable fire pit installer. I always recommend to have a spark screen to avoid any problems and be extra sure about fire pits and safety.

So, that’s pretty much my personal overview for firepits and chimeneas. What did you decide? Which one is better for your home? Make sure to come back and please, feel free to share this article with your friends!

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