Cinder Block Fire Pit – Cost Effective Alternative

Cinder Block Fire Pit - Cinder Block Cost

A cinder block wall is very common nowadays because it’s cost effective, and quick to finish. Lately, a lot of people is making house upgrades using cinder blocks, because cinder block prices make them a great alternative for building anything, including a fire pit. In the previous article I was talking about the in-ground fire […]

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In Ground Fire Pit – The Most Affordable Design of Firepits!

In-ground fire pit - Featured

I’m not going to spend time explaining step by step how to build an in ground fire pit, I’m pretty sure there are lots of sites telling you that information. Instead, I’m going to talk to you about the possibilities that you have when you’re looking to have an in ground fire pit built in […]

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12 Fire Pit Designs For Your Backyard & Its Personality!

Fire Pit Designs

In all honesty, we haven’t built a nice variety of fire pit designs in our areas of service. Most people want to go with the classic round fire pit, and very few of them chose to have benches built for their backyards, so that doesn’t give a nice variety of fire pit designs for our […]

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6 Fire Pit Forms That You Probably Didn’t Imagine!

Fire Pit Forms - Northern California

If you already know if it’s okay to install a fire pit in your home, I’m going to make things very easy for you with this article. I’m about to open your mind to new fire pit forms and ideas that can fit your home, its personality, and obviously increase its looks and value.   […]

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Is a Fire Pit Good for Your Backyard? 6 Reasons to Help You Find Out!

Before I write about some fire pit ideas and designs for your place, I have to help you find out if a fire pit is a good idea for your backyard. There are several factors to consider before building a fire pit in your home, so I have a list here of the most important […]

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Fire pit vs Outdoor Fireplace

Fire Pit vs Outdoor Fireplace Installation - California

I already wrote about the differences between fire pits and chimenea in the previous article “Which is Better a Chimenea or a Fire Pit?.” Now, I’m going to talk about the other option that some people ask about (although this isn’t as popular): “Which is better a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace?.”     […]

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Which is Better a Chimenea or A Fire Pit?

Fire Pit vs Chimenea - Which is better

When I’m building a stone wall, laying driveway pavers, building a travertine patio, or doing any other masonry job, some of my costumers feel the confidence to ask me the difference between fire pits and chimeneas, and which one is better for them. Since I’m not the guy who’s going to try to sell them […]

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