Brick Fire Pit – For a Rustic, Durable Look

Brick Fire Pit - Brick Wall and Pillars - Featured

Brick fire pit projects are not uncommon at all in Northern California (NorCal), I think they’re more popular than a cinder block fire pit and the difference in price is not as big if you know what type of bricks to choose. I prefer brick fire pits because the surface looks much better (from my point of view) than a cinder block fire pit. On top of that, bricks are easy to work with because you can cut them easily if necessary.

I want to talk a little about them. Some downsides of having a brick fire pit include the huge variety of bricks available. If you’re trying to buy bricks for a DIY project, it can be tricky to find the right type of bricks for your fire pit. There are bricks made for decoration purposes only, there are bricks made for structural purposes and there are also bricks made to retain heat. So, you need to know the right type of material for your brick fire pit.


Inground Brick Fire Pit
Some advantages of a brick fire pit include the durability of the material which is perfect if you’re looking forward to many years of a fire pit, it doesn’t matter if there’s rain, snow, wind, etc.
Bricks can also be non-combustible and some of them retain heat, and that’s fantastic for a fire pit.

Thanks to its many shapes and sizes, a brick can be very versatile for any type of fire pit form that you wish, that makes it a great choice. You can always pick two types of bricks, the decoration brick for the outer layer of the project, and heat retaining material for the inside of the brick fire pit.



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Brick Fire Pit - Brick Wall and Pillars
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