Fire pit vs Outdoor Fireplace

Fire Pit vs Outdoor Fireplace Installation - California

I already wrote about the differences between fire pits and chimenea in the previous article “Which is Better a Chimenea or a Fire Pit?.” Now, I’m going to talk about the other option that some people ask about (although this isn’t as popular): “Which is better a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace?.”


Fire pit vs Outdoor Fireplace

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I’m going to summarize the options I talked about in the previous article, these are the fire pit features:

“The fire pit is a structure opened at the top, and you can burn large fires and gather people around it to share stories laughter and maybe some grilled food. Unlike a chimenea, the fire won’t have any visibility limitations and your patio will get warmer. You can find fire pits in different shapes and sizes, plus you can even find very fancy fire pit tables!

The problem with fire pits is that you could experience fire hazzard if you don’t have a knowledgeable fire pit installer. I always recommend to have a spark screen to avoid any problems and be extra sure about fire pits and safety.”


Backyard Fireplace


These are the features you’re going to find on an outdoor fireplace:
“Unlike fire pits, a fireplace is perfect for just a few people, and it provides a very romantic environment to encourage intimate talk during the gathering. The outdoor fireplace will definitely become a focal point in your backyard, while a fire pit is more of an accesory.

As for fire hazzard, an outdoor fireplace is obviously enclosed so you don’t have to worry about windy conditions. On top of that, if you live in a windy place, a fireplace can protect you and your guests from strong wind gusts.

Also, sometimes you’re going to have smoke bothering your guests with a fire pit, and you can avoid that with a fireplace because the smoke is directed up and away. Also, you can add nice accessories to it like hearth and mantel, and you have the choice to burn wood or use a gas system!”

Now you know the differences! Of course, depending on the design that you’re planning, you may need extra backyard space to build a fireplace. A fire pit is less bulkier than a fireplace, but we can help you come up with a compact design for any of both items.

Both things (fire pit and fireplace) provide you with great warmth, and relaxation for you and your guests. I hope I was of help, make sure to come back and please, feel free to share this article with your friends!

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