Los Amigos Landscape – Why Do We Need to See Your Job For Your Free Estimate?

I decided to get some free time to write a little bit more about my company: Los Amigos Landscape.

I’ve been receiving some phone calls from people looking to find out more about our services: interlocking pavers installation, natural or manufactured stone work, stone pillars, steps, walls, retaining walls, concrete, etc. These people saw our internet presence and decided to give us a call to get answers their questions about the job they’re interested in.


However, a lot of people think that we’re a very expensive company, and even though stone work, concrete pavers, and concrete are overall expensive, we always work with you considering the budget your have available.


Los Amigos Landscape Logo - Napa Valley California - Landing Pages1“If you want to install pavers, or need brick or stone work layers in Northern California give us a call. Remember that we’re also available for your flagstone, retaining walls, travertine and masonry needs.


Los Amigos Landscape is doing fine right now because we work with our clients and potential clients, and we base our job on a possible budget clients may have. I’m going to elaborate more.


Let’s say: you want to build a sidewalk with natural stone on your backyard. You can give Los Amigos Landscape a call, and I will be there in person to give you a free estimate. I need to check the area, notice if the ground is too hard or easy to dig, check if there’s anything electrical close to the working space, etc. We’ll talk about your ideas for the project or I can give you ideas if you’re open for another perspective.

This free estimate include ideas on how your design could be, the type of materials that can work for your project, you’ll watch pictures of the materials and similar jobs to your potential construction project, and I can even take you to previous customers, etc.


You can tell me the type of job you’re looking forward to, and the type of materials you want for this job. I’ll give you ideas on how your work could look better if I feel I can better your design, and then, I’ll show you pictures (if available) of the material you want for your work. After you confirm that you want the job just as we talked, I’ll give you an estimate.


The estimate will be given to you right there unless I need to check some prices. If I need to do this, I can give you a call later, and drop by to your place again and give you the estimate of your project with a clarification of the cost on materials. Some people decide to take estimates from other contractors, and then, they decide who would do the job. I’m okay with that too.


However, here’s the good part about Los Amigos Landscape:

“If you would like us to do your job, but you feel our estimate is too high, we can make some changes on the project based on your project.”

Let’s say, you wanted natural stone on your sidewalk, and you wanted river stone, but still you think it’s too expensive. The good thing is that I can show you other types of stone that could be cheaper and could look very similar to river stone, or we can make some adjustments on the design of your project, etc.

In Los Amigos Landscape we’re always trying to give you the best options for your project, with the budget you want to work with, that’s the way we keep busy, and that’s the way our clients have their job. Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed, we base our job on mouth to mouth recommendations too.

Contact Los Amigos Landscape now!! Give me a call, or email me and I’ll be happy to help you with an estimate!!

“Los Amigos Landscape”
 is located in Napa Valley, California. We’re proud to offer pavers installation, stone work installation and general masonry in 7 counties from Northern California.

If you want to install a patio using travertine in Napa, California, or any Napa County city or town (American Canyon, Calistoga, St. Helena, Yountville, Aetna Springs, Angwin, Capell Valley, Chiles Valley, Circle Oaks, Deer Park, Dry Creek, Gordon Valley, Carneros, Mt. Veeder, Oakville, Pope Valley, Rutherford, Soda Canyon, Spanish Flat, or Vichy Springs) you can always give Los Amigos Landscaping a call.

Los Amigos Landscape can help you to decide what type of job, or material is the best for your personal project, and before you take your final decision we will be happy to help you get a much better price with our contacts. Thanks for reading us!

Remember: “For the highest quality in your construction project at low prices, we’re always available to help you!”

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