Paver Steps – Building Steps from Zero or Veneer Existing Steps?

Over the years I’ve noticed that a lot of people didn’t know it’s possible to build steps with pavers in their construction project, they were really excited when they find out it’s possible to build steps with concrete pavers. You may be wondering, what’s so exciting about making steps from concrete pavers?

Well, building paver steps is a great way to match your steps to existing pavers in a driveway, walkway or patio. On top of that, they’re not as difficult to build as you may think so, you could have paver steps in a very short time ready to use.

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People ask me if it’s better to veneer existing concrete steps with pavers, or if it’s better to build paver steps right from the beginning. Personally, I prefer to start pavers from zero than cover existing concrete steps. The reason is very simple, you have to take in consideration the width of pavers and add that width measure to the existing steps, and if there’s an inspector checking the project, you have to be very specific on measurements otherwise your project could be rejected (especially commercial projects).


However, if you start paver steps from zero, you don’t have to worry about width of the material, matching measure, etc. ’cause you’re already building everything to match whatever the law says should be the measure. Still, we can veneer existing concrete steps with pavers and we require no special tools other than normal paver installation equipment.

Paver Steps and Walkway - Napa Valley, California    Paver Steps and Walkway - Napa California

Some of the things we do to veneer existing concrete steps with pavers is grind off high spots, edges and uneven bulges, we could also remove old railing (if you want us to, or if necessary). Then, we continue the preparation of the area with acid cleaner, rinse throughly and let it dry. I think the rest of the steps is pretty obvious.
If you live in any of the 7 counties from Northern California listed in our website, and you want us to veneer existing steps with pavers, or want us to build paver steps from the beginning, you should give us a call or contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.

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