Pavestone Pavers – The Designs from the Pavestone Company

Pavestone Pavers are probably the second most popular pavers for projects made by my company Los Amigos Landscaping. Pavestone pavers prices are very accesible, and sometimes we even find great sale prices on their designs, so that makes even a better deal for our costumers.


Installing Pavestone pavers is nothing difficult to do, and it’s true, Pavestone pavers are slightly heavier than pavers from other paver manufacturers, and sometimes that makes people more confident in the materials from the Pavestone company, hence the popularity they have with our company in Northern, California.


Here’s the list of the Pavestone pavers as well as the colors available, please take in consideration that some colors may not be available in certain designs. When you’re ready to install Pavestone pavers in Northern California, give me a call and I can bring you a sample of the pavestone designs and the color chart. Pavestone pavers offers more than 80 designs, right now we’re just bringing to you a small peek at what we think are the best Pavestone paver designs.


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Colors: Charcoal, Chicago Blend (Pewter/Charcoal), Oaks Blend (Red/Charcoal), Old Town Blend (Red/Buff/Charcoal), Sandstone Blend (Red/Charcoal), Sierra Blend (Buff/Purple/Chacoal), Truckee Blend (Charcoal/Buff/Pewter), Tahoe Blend (Tan/Charcoal/Pewter/Southern Highland Tan), Western Ridge Blend ( Buff/Chacoal).

Carriage Stone
This unique paver captures the timeless appearance of natural granite sets. The pattern and texture combination lends itself to a European old world look. Carriage Stone™ pavers, when used in repeating sets or as an accent, stands alone as a classic product. It’s available in standard and tumbled Heritage™ finishes and in a variety of colors.

City Stone 60mm

Available in a variety of finishes, the City Stone™ paver brings scale and dimension to architectural settings. This paver can be used alone or in combination modules of symmetrical squares and rectangular shapes to create extraordinary patterns and endless designs.

Conlock II
 Conlock® II offers high hydraulic permissible shear resistance, significant savings in installation cost due to its expanded unit coverage, high vegetative open area and omni-directional flexibility.With the Conlock® II, each individual grid exhibits two interlocking ears and two interlocking sockets shaped as to allow for positive interlocking of all grids within the matrix.

DecoraStone™ 60mm

The DecoraStone™ combines 2 distinct shapes in one paver for a classically elegant pattern design. The DecoraStone™ creates a beautiful, durable and virtually maintenance-free surface for a wide array of paving projects.


The Delta-Stone™ paver, a designer favorite, produces a unique mosaic pattern that pleases even the most discerning of tastes. Its shape provides an economical, permanent paved surface that’s ideal for residential and commercial applications. Delta-Stone boasts a proven track record of distinctive patterns and design ingenuity.
Holland Stone 80mm
Holland Stone offers the old world charm of a simple paver shape. The rectangular shape can be installed in a number of fascinating patterns to produce simple or intricate paver designs. Mix these patterns with any of the available standard paver colors or combination of colors and you’ve got the potential for an architectural effect limited only by the imagination.

Maxlock™ 60mm
The industry’s original interlocking paver shape, Maxlock™, has been used internationally from heavy industry applications to beautiful residential projects for over 30 years. The Maxlock™ paver has proven over time to be one of the most popular and best performing shapes in the marketplace.

Newbury Stone
Newbury Stone™ is a combination of three large-scale, richly textured pavers with identical footprints but varied joint patterns. Enjoy the beauty of a multi-shape paver design that is easy to install. When installed as a patio, pool deck, pathway or other pedestrian application, the three Newbury Stone™ units mimic the look of 10 separate pavers, resulting in a grand, stately look.

Pave your project with Texastone™ and give it that special Lone Star feeling! This unique concrete paver tells people that you’re Texas proud and not afraid to show it! Each Texastone™ is made into the shape of Texas while maintaining the interlocking paver capability for which the Pavestone Company is renowned.

Symetry™ Square 60mm

Enjoy unlimited design possibilities with the innovatively shaped Symetry™ paver and its coordinating paver square. The assembly of shapes furnishes endless elegant pattern configurations. This assortment of patterns enables the designer to create a signature project with a most unique, creative and formal appearance.
Vintage Stone™ Rectangle
The tumbled Vintage Stone™ product mixture delivers scale, color and modular design options for a unique paver expression. The truly random pattern of Vintage Stone™ expands an infinite number of impression possibilities making it one of the most popular design tools for pavements today.

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