Pool Deck Pavers – Are Pavers Around A Pool A Good Idea?

Pool Pavers Installation

Pool deck pavers are a great product for pool coping, or in other words, pavers are great option for a pool deck! Besides the beautiful designs they offer you a safe environment and avoid slips even if you’re walking or running bare feet around the wet pool area.

It’s always great to check the best type of pool deck pavers for your particular project, but we always recommend using interlocking pavers for extra safety, one of our most recommended pavers for pool areas are the cobblestone pavers.


Once you have decided to install pavers in your pool area, you have to choose the type of material to install. Pools and pavers are usually a great combination if you get the best recommendation from a paver expert. Remember, they always have to take in consideration the type of paver, the shape, colors and pavers that fit your existent landscape and pool area.

Pool Deck Pavers - Before Picture - NorCal Pool Pavers - After - Napa California

Should you seal pool deck pavers after installation?

Absolutely! Pool Paver Sealer creates an extra coat on top of the pavers helping you to protect your construction project inversion. It’s vital that you seal the pool deck pavers after installation, and you should keep sealing them every year and a half or two years. The sealer is a great added protection because it creates a non-slippery surface which is great for safety; sealer also helps protect the pavers’ colors, meaning colors won’t fade easily on extreme weather condition (wetness or dryness).


Los Amigos Landscape Logo - Napa Valley California - Landing Pages1“If you want to install pavers, or need brick or stone work layers in Northern California give us a call. Remember that we’re also available for your flagstone, retaining walls, and masonry needs.


If you live in Northern California we’ll be happy to help you seal your pool deck pavers, just contact us. Otherwise, you can always seal the pool pavers yourself, you just need the Paver Sealer and the especial sealer sprayer.


Another great benefit you get from the pool deck pavers sealer is the shiny appearance on the materials, this makes the colors look great and pavers look brand new all the time, just remember to reapply a new coat of pool paver sealer 18 months later, or so.


Los Amigos Landscaping can help you find out the perfect design for your pool project, at the best price possible for Northern California. Just give us a call and we can help you install pool pavers. If you have more questions about pavers, make sure to check out our website www.concretepaverstone.com/

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