Overview of our Services!

We’re proud to offer the highest quality services when it comes to general masonry, pavers installation and custom stonework projects. We’re specialized in any type of masonry job, simple or complicated, so you can’t go wrong when you hired us. Here’s a list of the services we offer:


* Pavers Installation:
The jobs we offer include paver patios, paver walls, paver steps, indoors pavers, paver driveways, paver sidewalks, paver firepits, paver chimneys. We can do any type of masonry job but we really love installing pavers, so if you want our pavers installation services, don’t hesitate to call us!

Pavers Installation, Napa County - Pavers Sidewalk Services
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* Custom Stonework:

If you’re looking for custom stonework, here are some of the jobs we offer in this category: stone walls, retaining stone walls, stone veneer, creek reconstruction, stone waterfalls, stone pillars, stone firepits, stone chimneys, dry stack stone, stone BBQ outdoor kitchens, stonework planters, boulders’ installation, cabo stone driveways, stone floor jobs Mexican style, flagstone patios, flagstone driveways and more! So, make sure to hire us if you want a superb quality job!

Custom Stone Work Walls - Pillars and Steps - Sebastopol California Services
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* General Masonry:

We also offer other type of masonry jobs like stamped concrete, block installation, fireplaces installation or fireplaces repair, and house demolition, floor demolition and more services.

Demolition Services
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