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Fire Pit Benches – To Buy Them or to Build Them?

Fire pit Benches - Northern California

Fire pit benches are the last option that you may look for when looking for somebody to build a fire pit. A lot of people consider fire pit benches to be an extra expense, and they also feel it’s not worth it. I get asked about this from time to time, and I always give […]

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Flagstone Fire Pit – Expensive Yet Very Beautiful

Flagstone Fire Pit Design

I already wrote about other material options that you can choose from if you want to build a fire pit in your home. If you missed those articles, I’ll remind you of them and link to them directly right now: Inground Fire Pit, Cinder Block Fire Pit, Brick Fire Pit, Natural Stone Fire Pit, and […]

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Natural Stone Fire Pit – A Very Beautiful Option

Natural Stone Fire Pit with Stone Benches and Stone Wall - NorCal Installation

Natural stone fire pit installations are some of the most beautiful projects that I have seen in NorCal, and I love the interest of people in these firepits. As we get closer to finish our fire pit series promotion, I’ve seen good response from some of our readers. Sometimes that response ends up with a […]

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Brick Fire Pit – For a Rustic, Durable Look

Brick Fire Pit - Brick Wall and Pillars - Featured

Brick fire pit projects are not uncommon at all in Northern California (NorCal), I think they’re more popular than a cinder block fire pit and the difference in price is not as big if you know what type of bricks to choose. I prefer brick fire pits because the surface looks much better (from my […]

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12 Fire Pit Designs For Your Backyard & Its Personality!

Fire Pit Designs

In all honesty, we haven’t built a nice variety of fire pit designs in our areas of service. Most people want to go with the classic round fire pit, and very few of them chose to have benches built for their backyards, so that doesn’t give a nice variety of fire pit designs for our […]

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6 Fire Pit Forms That You Probably Didn’t Imagine!

Fire Pit Forms - Northern California

If you already know if it’s okay to install a fire pit in your home, I’m going to make things very easy for you with this article. I’m about to open your mind to new fire pit forms and ideas that can fit your home, its personality, and obviously increase its looks and value.   […]

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