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Fire pit vs Outdoor Fireplace

Fire Pit vs Outdoor Fireplace Installation - California

I already wrote about the differences between fire pits and chimenea in the previous article “Which is Better a Chimenea or a Fire Pit?.” Now, I’m going to talk about the other option that some people ask about (although this isn’t as popular): “Which is better a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace?.”     […]

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Which is Better a Chimenea or A Fire Pit?

Fire Pit vs Chimenea - Which is better

When I’m building a stone wall, laying driveway pavers, building a travertine patio, or doing any other masonry job, some of my costumers feel the confidence to ask me the difference between fire pits and chimeneas, and which one is better for them. Since I’m not the guy who’s going to try to sell them […]

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Backyard Fire Pit – A Fire Pit Made from Pavers

Not a Fire Pit Made from Los Amigos Landscaping

Backyard Fire Pit You probably thought that pavers are only good for the ground, and you couldn’t be more wrong. Concrete pavers are a very versatile material and they are helpful to build anything from flooring to a mailbox, yeah, a mailbox. In the case of this article, I’m going to talk about a fire […]

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